DJ Paul Elstak has been known for years for his Hardcore and Happy Hardcore music. His classics, which are still enjoyed today, include 'Rainbow in the Sky' and 'Luv U More'.


In 1987, his career started as a hip-hop DJ, when he was hired as a resident DJ at the Bluetiek-Inn discotheque in Rotterdam. Here he played with the Dutch House pioneer Peter Slaghuis. During this time, he also met Rob Fabrie and Richard van Naamen and they started the group Holy Noise. With Holy Noise, he had a series of releases on the Hithouse record label (the label of Peter Slaghuis).


In 1991, Holy Noise had their greatest success with the song 'James Brown is still alive'. This record was an answer to the then popular record 'James Brown is dead' by L.A. Style. After Holy Noise, Paul founded the Forze DJ Team, with which he formed a trio with DJ Panic and DJ Lars. Paul's clothing line 'Forze', with the famous 'Wanna Play' bear was very popular among the gabbers at the time.


In 1992 Paul Elstak founded his own label (under Mid-Town records). In 1995, he released his first DJ single with the title, 'Life is like a dance'. After this record, a number of commercial songs followed, including: 'Luv U More', 'Do not Leave Me Alone', 'The Promised Land' and of course 'Rainbow in the Sky', which was the most successful. Some of these reached the Dutch Top 40s. 


In 2001, Paul Elstak decided he wanted to focus mainly on Hardcore and started a new hardcore label at Rige Entertainment, called Offensive Records. To date, Paul still releases Hardcore on this label with his own unique style.


Because of the revival of Happy Hardcore and the many requests for 90s parties, he started working with Happy Hardcore. He has a busy schedule and runs (Happy) Hardcore and 90s parties every weekend throughout the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. He is also regularly booked in other European countries like Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Scotland, Finland, Russia and Ukraine, where he has many fans. He has admirers everywhere and Paul has even performed in Australia and Los Angeles recently.


On 8 November 2010, the title song of the film New Kids Turbo was released. In the clip, Elstak appears with a mustache in the style of the New Kids. In 2011, he won a Rembrandt Award for best title song and on May 12, 2011, he was awarded a gold record. On the same day, the German version of the single Turbo was released in Germany.


In February 2013, Paul Elstak started a party for lovers of harder music styles called 'I Love Beatz'. He started this as a result of the reaction he received from the audience, at parties where he played harder styles. Lovers of Hardcore and Happy Hardcore, Jump, Hardstyle and Early Rave, can enjoy 'I Love Beatz'.


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