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Book a violinist to create a perfect ambiance during your dinner, wedding, or reception! You have come to the right place at booking agency, Evenses. You can hire a violinist from us to make your company party, conference, or gala a success. At Evenses you can book violinists as a soloist, as a duo, or as an ensemble. When you book a duo, the violin can be combined with another musical instrument such as a viola, piano, or a cello. This is guaranteed to be the case with an ensemble.... Read more

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English violinist can be hired to play quiet background music as well as foreground music during your wedding, opening, or dinner. Most violinists who can be booked with us play classical music. However, several of our violinists also make sure to have a good selection of jazz and pop songs to perform as well. All of our violinists are professional musicians who graduated from the conservatory.

The sounds of a violin arise from vibrations of the violin strings because the violinist passes over the violin strings with a bow. Three instruments belong to the violin family, namely the violin, the viola, and the cello. This order of the string instruments is from small to large.

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