Clone of Food truck

So, you want to hire a food truck or your event, festival, business party or birthday? Food trucks are totally hip & happening nowadays. You simply cannot do without food service by food trucks anymore at festivals – nor you thought about hiring a food truck for your occasion? Create the festival feeling at your event by hiring food trucks. A food truck adds something friendly, as you will often find guests taking pictures of themselves in front of a food truck. Food trucks also combine a distinct aesthetic which gives an authentic feeling. These mobile kitchens can be placed everywhere, and a food truck makes sure your festival, business party or wedding goes the extra mile. Food trucks can thank music festivals for their popularity, and as a result, there are now regional food festivals organized where you can taste delicious street food dishes.... Read more

See below the total range of Food trucks. Do you find it difficult to choose? Then contact us.


Food trucks come in various sizes, colors and cooking styles, from all different countries. You can choose which form of food truck suits your event best. Menu cards will be made, displaying the options available at each food truck, and this can be customized according to your preferences; you can choose the design of the menu cards for the food truck.

Hire a food truck, food service, or food stalls for your party.

Another food service to consider is a nice food stall. We have, among others, a French fries outlet for rent. If you are interested in another type of food stall, do not hesitate to contact us, as we have many food service possibilities available. A food truck makes a perfect partner to the Evenses Fotobuzz. The Fotobuzz is a photo van with the appearance of a Volkswagen van, which fits the theme perfectly. You can also combine a food truck nicely with a Bandor Cocktail bar. Our food trucks have successfully served at various events. The food trucks you can book at Evenses are listed with an all-in price, which includes travel costs, equipment, and other necessities. At Evenses we take care of your event so you can spend your time enjoying it. For questions or a no-obligation offer, we invite you to contact one of our employees, who will be delighted to help you find your food truck.​