Olga's 50th Birthday Party

This is how Olga's two birthday parties went.

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Tango met live gitarist boeken
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Percussie met live gitarist boeken
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What was the occasion of your party?

I organised both parties to celebrate my 50th birthday. On February 29th I celebrated it with all my employees (and their partners). The second party, on March 7, was with family, friends and business partners.

How did you discover Evenses?

This was the second time I've used Evenses. Three years ago, I contacted Evenses for the first time for my husband's birthday. The service was great and the artist, a harpist, was fantastic. This has also been the reason why I had no doubt in choosing Evenses again when organising these parties.

How was your experience with your contact person at Evenses?

Perfect! Professional, helpful, knowledgeable, well-informed about the skills and potentials of the different artists. I just followed the advice of Robin on both occasions and didn't regret it for a second!

What did you book for your first party and what did you think of it?

For the first party, I booked a Magician and he was very good. The magician contacted me one week before the event, asking about the size of the group, location and what I was really looking for. His performance was just what I needed at that moment. My team was extremely enthusiastic and talked about his performance for another week.

What did you book for your second party and what did you think of it?

For my second party, I invited a Spanish guitarist and dancing tango duo – it was always my dream to have professional tango dancers at my anniversary. It was simply magical. The

group contacted me a few days before the party, asking about my wishes. But you feel that they are so professionals, so you better "let them do". ... it was very beautiful and sometimes breathtaking indeed...

Would you contact Evenses again in the future?

Sure! Without any doubt! And I hope we all very very soon will have many occasions to celebrate/party/meet people we love! For the moment I’d like to thank the entire Evenses team for the wonderful service. Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay strong!!!

How does magician Brecht look back on this event?

As a magician, you can already fulfil several fun assignments for Evenses. The most important thing about a booking agency is that, as an artist, I can be myself and I get the freedom and the confidence to do my thing which is always the case with Evenses. The evenses employee follows every booking very well so that they have a clear picture of both the artist and the customer.

The birthday party I was allowed to pimp up for, in the De Koninck bar in Antwerp, was an evening I won't soon forget. As with every booking with Evenses, I always call the customer a few days before the event. That first conversation is very important for both of us. Together with the customer, I go over all the information available to me and ask for their specific wishes. After all, every party is unique and requires a personal approach.

Also for the birthday girl, Olga, I had some special acts in store so she was in the spotlight. The atmosphere was right that evening and I quickly managed to stun everyone. As a table magician, I dropped the invitees from one surprise into another. I did close with a tailor-made act for Olga in which everyone was involved. The interaction and reactions were sublime!

Evenses had informed me beforehand that Olga was quite critical and had high expectations about my performance. This stimulated me all the more to apply a complete mindf*ck. Olga was sold from the first trick and was super satisfied. I exceeded her expectations. It's great when my passion is loved! My job is to provide amazement, fun and smiling faces and I would not exchange it for anything in the world!

After the performance, I was contacted, as always, by Evenses to see how the booking had gone. The atmospheric images I was allowed to keep from the evening speak for themselves. Again a correct estimate of Evenses to recommend me to the customer!

How does the Spanish guitarist look back on the performance?

The performance went very well and we made it a successful evening. The addition of the tango duo suited this evening perfectly, I adapted this for the performance with Robin. I have often performed with the dance duo, that this performance would go well did not worry me. What was nice to see is that it came to a complete stop when I started playing and the tango duo started to dance.

So there was a good vote in advance between Robin and Olga with what the wishes are and this was well anticipated. We always like to work with Evenses and hope for many other assignments.

How does Robin from Evenses look back on the party?

For both performances, I had a lot of contact with Olga. She told me she was going to be 50 this year and that she wanted to celebrate twice. I have often been in contact with Olga and despite her busy schedule, we were able to discuss her wishes well. Olga explained that she was going to celebrate her first party with her employees and that she wanted professional but also entertaining entertainment. This is why I suggested magician Brecht. Brecht is a professional illusionist who besides his high-level magic also makes very personal contact with the guests and ensures a lot of interaction. Perfect for this occasion so it shows!

For the second party that Olga celebrated with her close friends and family, she was looking for a slightly more intimate performance, she initially approached us for a Flamenco dancer. After hearing her preferences, I showed her various artists and acts, and we finally settled on the tango duo with the live guitarist as seen in the videos.

My communication with Olga was very pleasant and I hope to be able to be of service to her in the future!

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