Book a workshop? At Evenses you can book various workshops such as a sushi workshop or cocktail workshop. Nice to make sushi in a group and then of course eat. During this sushi workshop you will learn how to make different types of sushi. Several packages are possible. Very nice for an interactive company outing, family party or with a group of friends. During the cocktail workshopyou will learn how to make a good cocktail. You will learn to make different types of traditional and trendy cocktails such as Mojito, Jellyfish and Cosmopolitan. The workshop can already be booked from 9 people and a time frame of 1 hour. There are also several packages available for this workshop. It is also possible to make the workshop entirely alcohol-free cocktails.

Book a workshop for your staff outing or family day

We offer a complete package of workshops. The sushi workshop, cocktail workshop and graffiti workshop can be booked at your home or on location. At all workshops everything is arranged for you and you therefore only have to enjoy making and consuming your own made products. The workshops are offered in different types of packages so that there is something fun for everyone. We throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us.


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