VJ books  for your wedding, party or event? Have youbookeda DJ but would you like something special to entertain your guests? A VJ is a nice addition to this. A DJ can musically provide your event with entertainment, but visually there are fewer possibilities. You can choose to hire a VJ, which provides your event with visuals in a unique way. These will be tuned to the music of the  DJ , the location of your party and the atmosphere you want to put down. The VJ can also adapt the visuals to your theme or music genre.

VJ books for your party, wedding or festival

In consultation with you, a plan will be drawn up by the VJ. You can indicate in which atmosphere, in what kind of colors and shapes and in what kind of location your event will take place. This way you can be sure that the visuals match the image you have in mind. Our VJs can take care of all the material that is needed. You can think of beamers to project and canvas to fully realize the projections. Every event and location can be suitable for a visual show. A small-scale wedding or a large club party are both suitable for decoration and entertainment in the form of projections. We are happy to help you! You can therefore reach us 7 days a week for questions and advice about booking a VJ. 

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VJ Phill
Video Jockey Phill provides a beautiful visual show at your party and event.
645,-price on requesta