DJ & Percussion

DJ and percussion  books for your birthday, wedding or party? Our all-round DJ, together with the Percussionist, will perform a brilliant and original performance. The percussionist plays smaller percussion instruments such as a bongo, conga and djembe. The DJ and percussionist are well attuned and know how to get the best out of this combination. Normally the percussionist plays along with an all-round DJ , but if desired the DJ can play on different genres: pop, soul, house etc. All desired genres are possible. In short sessions the percussionist will drum along with the DJ. 

DJ and percussion books for your company party, festival or birthday

To make the act DJ and Percussionist extra spectacular it is also possible to combine this act with several musicians.  Think of a saxophonist , trumpet player ,  singer or even a band . We are happy to help you make the best choice for your party. If you have questions or want advice, please contact us. We are available 7 days a week to help you further. 

DJ party band for events
With a mix and match of instruments, give you event a fresh and new feel with great music
2300,-price on requesta
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DJ with Percussionist
Swinging drums and a top DJ. This act with rhythmic percussion offers a guaranteed party.
445,-price on requesta
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This party act combines a top DJ with a saxophonist, percussionist and a female singer
695,-price on requesta