Hire party entertainment & services

Do you want to book party entertainment or extra services for your event? Despite live entertainment: cover bands, pop duos, and soloists, at Evenses we also offer several workshops, attractions, and casino amenities too. For every occasion or themed party, we have a product that fits perfectly, like a roulette table poker table at a casino evening on location. Guests will be entertained by all the games and attractions that can be selected.


Are you interested in a bouncy castle or swing rides for your children party? We also entertain your small creatures. For your business trip, a massage chair or workshop could be an option. Are you organizing a staff trip, but you do not know which activity you want to do with your colleagues? Take a look at suggestions on Evenses website. We have several workshops that you can take part in when being on business trips, such as a graffiti workshop, cocktail workshop, and sushi workshop.


Hire extras for your theme party, corporate or private events


Do you have any questions regarding our attractions, workshops, massage chairs or casino tables? Feel free to contact one of our employees. We are happy to help you. You can reach us 24/7 via telephone and by mail.



View our extra services, such as casino articles, attractions and workshops and request a free quotation.






roulette table for event
Premium Casino & More!
Book this great range of casino tables and other fun extras your your event!
380,-price on requesta
Fotohokje boeken bruiloft feest
Hire a Photo Booth
A pleasant and funny memory for your guest with pictures taken by the photo booth.
545,-price on requesta
dansvloerboeken vlak
Illuminated Disco dance floor
This floor is a classic amongst disco floors with an atmospheric illuminated surface.
445,-price on requesta
Champagnetoren huren bruiloft bedrijfsfeest
Champagne tower
An impressive champagne tower at your location. Eye catching and glamorous for any event
895,-price on requesta
bruidsfotograaf huren
Wedding photographer
The wedding photographer makes a beautiful wedding documentary of your marriage and special day
295,-price on requesta
bedrijfsfeest fotoreportage boekingen
Business photography
Business photography of your event, opening or business party provided by a top photographer.
295,-price on requesta
mobiele cocktailbar huren huwelijk
A mobile cocktail bar with the most tasteful ingredients and sympathetic cocktail shakers.
845,-price on requesta
Dansvloer boeken bedrijfsfeest verjaardag
Smart illuminated dance floor
This nice LED dance floor is a good value and affordable option for every party.
395,-price on requesta
Pix1600 5
Deluxe illuminated dance floor
Very bright and nice illuminated dance floor, incorporating all logos and patterns
745,-price on requesta
dansvloer inhuren huwelijk
Premium illuminated dance floor
Bright & beautiful colours come from this thin disco dance floor that can display many designs.
445,-price on requesta
Dansvloer boeken bedrijfsfeest evenement
Exclusive illuminated dance floor
Our most advanced dance floor that can take every form and color.
495,-price on requesta
Bruiloft Videobeelden videograaf
Video guestbook
A short video of all your guests: a well-maintained memory with this video guestbook.
745,-price on requesta
Fruitmachine boeken huren
Slot machines
Give the impression of an American ambience, embellish your event with these cool slot machines
250,-price on requesta
party manager huren feest
Party Manager
The party manager makes sure your party runs without a hitch, making sure you can relax.
295,-price on requesta
weddingplanner huren bruiloft
Wedding Planner
Your wedding arranged by our planner through and through.
295,-price on requesta
Event Manager
Hire an Event Manager for your party.
295,-price on requesta