Our DJ and sax duo are made of two enthusiastic musicians. John & Mr. Smith is an excellent choice for a wedding, ball, party, event, business party or birthday. As this idea is so successful, we work with a small team or DJs and saxophonists that master the John & Mr. Smith concept. Like this, we can always guarantee a similar John & Mr. Smith show, no matter what the demand is.


They will do everything possible to provide a nice, friendly and energetic atmosphere at your party.

The saxophonist improvises towards the energetic music of the DJ. The DJ does not just play the newest and nicest house music tracks, but he is also one of all trades for other styles. The DJ and sax duo played together for a while and share their music passion. We can say that this is a perfect combination, thanks to our experience.


All included:

We do not only provide a stunning DJ and saxophonist performance but also (if requested) the desirable DJ equipment, DJ booth, light and sound systems.


Our aim is to realize your dreams:

We want to deliver an awesome evening for you and that is why we need your help.

You can honestly confirm your requirements to ensure your wish list is perfect. Our DJ has a large collection of titles to be played. You can even choose to add a beautiful dance to your wedding or even a professional photographer.


Do you want a tasteful and energetic evening, provided by our DJ sax duo: John & Mr. Smith?

It can be booked for your business party, wedding, gala or festival. Contact us to speak about your wishes and preferences.