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Would you like to hire a female DJ?  With a woman behind the turntables, you can combine the musical flexibility of a DJ with the charm of a female. At Evenses, we apply strict selection criteria to get the best female DJs at every event. Whether it be your wedding, business event, or birthday, we check that our DJs have extensive experience, and are suitable for the job.



Are you looking for a top female DJ to perform chill-out house music at your reception or event? These DJs are suitable for big events or business parties, through all-around music styles and flexibility. As a booking agency, we offer you the opportunity to book a charming performance by one of our DJ ladies to add a feminine element to your evening.



Book a female DJ for your business party, drink, or wedding!


Our DJs are booked throughout Europe and are possible at any party, wedding, conference, or jubilee. We also offer several combinations with our all-around DJs, such as a singer, violinist, or a complete band. Contact us about the cost of a female DJ performance, an explanation of the method, the total range of DJs, and the prices of booking a DJ.

View our selection of DJs for any event, party, birthday or wedding.






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DJ with female singer
A swinging DJ performance combined with the live impact of a top female singer.
645,-price on requesta
Entergetic party DJ and actress ready to rock the crowd!
600,-price on requesta
lady bee boeken
This female DJ can perform like no other!
2999,-price on requesta