Classics from the 80’s and 90’s. DJ ‘Kix’ takes you back in time and provides stunning 80’s and 90’s parties. This DJ has selected the best albums from this special musical period. As well as the selected tracks, there is always the opportunity to have other requests. DJ ‘Kix’ has several years of experience in providing 80’s and 90’s parties.


80’s and 90’s DJ ‘Kix’ has gained experience in numerous big Dutch clubs. He has been also working at many private parties, weddings, and business events. DJ ‘Kix’ knows how to deliver an awesome 80’s and 90’s party for guests.


Complete package with light, sound and DJ equipment

The 80's and 90's DJ Show with DJ ‘Kix’ contains all the required equipment. We can provide: professional DJ equipment, a stylish DJ Booth, adequate sound technique and a nice lightshow.


Due to our wide-ranging experience, we have delivered a performance at virtually all the Dutch party locations. We have provided entertainment for intimate house parties, castles, tour boats and clubs. Our flexibility allows us to adapt the performance according to the size of the party or the location.

An illuminated disco dance floor or live video footage can also be added to the DJ and saxophonist’s show. We adapt it according to your needs.


Your wishes are our main focus:

We do everything to ensure that the music is completely harmonized with your wishes. You tell us at the booking process which tracks you would like, how you would order the events for the evening and other special requests like an opening dance. DJ 'Kix' has by default a very diverse repertoire of about 10,000 titles to be considered. As a result, other styles are possible in addition to the best of the 80s and 90s, in case the audience would ask for.


Nice add-ons:

You can enhance further our 80’s and 90’s party with DJ ‘Kix’ customizing it to your desires.

Think about an illuminated dance floor or a nice video footage. A live musician who plays together with the DJ can be also arranged: how about a funky saxophonist, stylish violist, trendy harpist, cozy singer or a rousing drummer!


Do you want to book an 80’s and 90’d DJ for your birthday party, party, or event?

You can book DJ ‘Kix’ here for a great party, for your wedding, marriage, square party or business party!

Everything is possible, please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request.