Organising a big corporate party? Then let’s make a fire and dance!

Fire show performer

Are you organising a corporate party and you don’t have any event planning ideas in mind? Then you obviously want to impress your guests. Unforgettable fire performance or dance transformation will certainly guarantee you a huge success. We give you some ideas.

Acro dance and aerial hoop performance

An acrobalance dance act combines the serene of dance with the sensational acrobatics both in the air and on the ground. Our professional dancers and acrobats, merge the worlds of dance, aerial and acrobatics with performances that enthral and excite. Creating breath-taking routines that have dazzled audiences in cabarets, weddings, spectacles, birthday parties, events and festivals across the world. We tailor our act to every event to make sure we bring something special each time, and so that the evening is always happy. We have a female acro and aerial duo, performing across the UK and internationally. Girls act mix; lifts, hand balance, dance, contortion and acrobatics into vibrant and exciting, high energy routines.

LED dance show

Looking for an eye-catching logo-act? Then the LED dance show is highly recommended for your big day. At this show dance and LED light flow together to make a beautiful act. The dancers use special equipment so they can fully customise the show on your corporate event. For example, the dancers can display texts and images, such as the company logo, company name or image of products. A picture or text stays for a few seconds, so the audience has enough time to see or read it properly. A LED dance show takes about 5 minutes and can be performed by 1, 2 or more dancers.

Robot show

With our unique robot show, your business party becomes a huge success. The robots can create a unique bespoke performance whatever your needs are- it’s truly unique — a high-energy display that will captivate everyone at your next event. Our high-tech performers have presented their fast-paced show throughout the UK bringing absolute joy to everyone. They will delight your guests. The robot show act combines amazing dance routines with cutting-edge LED technology in awesome robot costumes. Interested in a robot show act? Then you have the choice of;

  • A white / red LED robot with LCD screen: This robot has an LCD screen on its chest that displays the company logo or a corporate movie. You can book it as a solo act, but also as a duo with the red or white LED robot
  • Red and white LED robots: these two robots form an impressive pair. The act can be used as an opening act; stage act or walk-around act.
  • The ABC robot: a length of 2.5 meters; the ABC robot makes much impression. He captures the attention and can be used as an opening act.
  • Cyber LED Robots On Stools: The robotic suit is beautifully lit with LED lights with the robots wearing laser gloves.
  • LED robot team: If you want to leave an outstanding impression, you can also choose a LED robot team. This team consists of 6,7,9 or 10 LED robots. Together, the robots do a spectacular act.
  • Terminator LED Robot: This LED robot features a laser and a confetti shooter and is suitable for an opening act, walk-around act or stage act.

Our high-tech dancers are perfect for brand awareness, product launches, event planners, and promotional corporate events and conferences. Our LED dancers bring a show that combines light, dance and music, in turn creating a unique fusion of technology entertainment. They are available to hire throughout the UK and for a wide range of occasions; product enhances, corporate events, party entertainment and big conferences.

The Dance Duo

The Dance Duo adds your business event a special atmosphere needed. These dancers give a great show. The Dance Duo is a real dance phenomenon- top in their international field. The duo has won several dance matches in Paris and Los Angeles. Both have a background in the musical world. They have been in the finals of several well-known dance programs. It takes about 3 minutes. The dance show can only be performed on a stage of at least 6 meters wide and 4 meters long. No stage available? Then Evenses can also take care of this.

Water Sensation

Do you really want to organise a remarkable business party? Then you do that with Water Sensation. This air ballet is a notable experience. The dancers will enchant your guests at an exciting pace and romantic scenes. This act will definitely keep your guests alive.

Fire show

Looking for amusement with more action and sensation? Then a fire show is recommended. The shows are a combination of impressive fire techniques, a fabulous fire dance and beautiful costumes. Your guests will watch this show full of surprises and wonder. A fire show can be supplemented with another spectacular act, such as a fire-eater.

Burlesque show

A magic ambience with our gorgeous girl. Don't miss a chance to have the best evening with Evenses! Ruby Burlesque, a trained and professional highly-respected cabaret actress, combines vintage glamour, impeccable musical taste and spectacular costumes in her breath-taking performances.

Ruby Burlesque can create a unique bespoke performance whatever your needs are, be it a corporate event, wedding, festival, intimate dinner party, cabaret club or film. She has six different packages for any entertainment. Select your favourite act by our stunning Ruby and be ready for an exciting and fabulous burlesque show! Check out the promo material for each show. If you find it difficult to choose, reach one of our employees. We'd be happy to help you out!

Mystic Fire Art Fire Show

Our Mystic Fire Art Fire Show can be booked in various combinations. It gives us the possibility to take care of an act that completely matches your company party. With this fire show, you really show the guests something special. The Mystic Fire Art Fire Show lasts for about 10 minutes. You can also opt for a Solo fire show. Here a professional artist puts down a sensational act. This solo fire show takes about 15 to 20 minutes. You can think of marketing purposes or a fire thrower for your wedding. Enchanting flames and circles of fire, that melt together around professional artists, making special patterns, and make the fire show a real visual spectacle.

The fire artists of the Fire show combine style with power and elegance within the entire show. With breathtaking stunts, beautiful choreography, and stylish music we provide the experience that your guests will watch in complete admiration. The show can be interactive, exciting or funny: the choice is yours!

Our employees can confirm whether the location is suitable for the show.


Booking a fire show or a dance show at Evenses gives you several advantages. We use an all-in price. Meaning that all travel costs and equipment are already included in the price. You, therefore, do not have to deal with unforeseen expenses. Are these options not quite what you are looking for? Evenses offers many more; dance shows, and acrobatic acts.

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