Christmas, the time of year when everyone comes together and where love for each other is central. The beauty of Christmas is being together with the people you love and care about the most. Christmas songs, putting up the Christmas tree with the family, nice lights in town and Christmas dinners. Christmas is about warmth and cosiness which this is reflected in everything to do with Christmas.

Christmas songs are about love or loving one another, the lights bring warmth to the dark times, Father Christmas rewarding kind children with gifts and teaching naughty ones a lesson. This teaches children young and old to respect everyone. Christmas celebrations make everyone realise that being together is one of the most important things.

Christmas is, of course, originally a Christian festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus, but nowadays it is a festival for everyone. However, contrary to what many people think, the feast does not appear in the Bible. In fact, the first Christians, who lived in the first three centuries after Christ, did not even know about the feast.

It was only in the third century AD that Christmas as we know it today began to take shape. There is some disagreement among historians as to whether the first celebration took place in 336 or 354 AD, but there is general agreement that it took place in Rome on 25 December. That is why we celebrate Christmas on 25 December.

Entertainment at your Christmas Party


Because Christmas is about being together, Christmas drinks and dinners are very popular and are a true feature of Christmas. Organising a Christmas party can be a lot of fun but it can also quickly become very stressful. As Christmas is such an important time, people naturally want to organise the perfect Christmas drinks or Christmas dinner. But in addition to the fun of organising, there is also a lot involved in organising a Christmas party; entertainment, catering, decoration and technology are things you definitely need to take into account.

What kind of act do you want for your Christmas party? Do you want a Christmas musician as Christmas entertainment? Where can you book a Father Christmas? Where can you book a Christmas act? How does booking a Christmas act work? Evenses answers all these questions for you, so you don't have to do the organising of your Christmas party on your own anymore and you can enjoy this beautiful period but still guarantee your guests a fantastic Christmas party.

Company Christmas party


Evenses not only offers assistance for personal occasions but also for professional events such as a Christmas corporate party. A small Christmas drink is of course very different from a Christmas corporate party and there are more things to take into account with a Christmas company party. For a corporate Christmas party, there are several types of Christmas entertainment to suit your occasion. In addition to our typical Christmas entertainment, we also have options such as a champagne tower or cocktail bar. This will make your corporate Christmas party even more special.

A corporate Christmas party is not complete without a photographer or videographer to capture your Christmas party. This way you and your colleagues will never forget this beautiful evening. Evenses has a wide range of video or photographers for your Christmas party that all capture the best memories. This is also useful if you want to create content for your social media or website, the photos or videos are professionally made so they can be posted. Your Christmas staff party can thus be seen by the outside world, truly unforgettable!

A drink at a cocktail bar or a glass of champagne from the tree is very nice for a company Christmas party, but maybe you like our PR-girls better? To give your Christmas company party even more special and a touch of luxury, you can also book these beautiful ladies who welcome your guests in beautiful tray dresses and serve them drinks. For a corporate Christmas party, these ladies are of course available with Christmas dresses.

Booking a Christmas act


At Evenses we have extensive experience in organizing Christmas parties and we are very happy to help you with Christmas entertainment. Evenses has a wide range of Christmas entertainment. You can book as Christmas entertainment the singing group Christmas Quartet, consisting of three charming singers or a musical Father Christmas, complete with classic outfit and saxophone. For a Christmas party in a typical thirties atmosphere you can choose the Jazzy Little Xmas band for Christmas entertainment.

This is because we only work with recognised acts and entertainers. All Christmas entertainment in our range are experienced professionals with whom we have worked for years. For that reason you can read the reviews of people who already have had experience with booking Christmas acts or have seen them perform live.

Do you want to book Christmas acts? We have many options of Christmas acts that have a large Christmas repertoire and are ready to complete your Christmas party or Christmas office party. You can see what we have to offer on our website or if you want to book Christmas acts, request a quote and let our event specialists help you book Christmas acts. Through their experience they know exactly which Christmas entertainment is best suited to the type of Christmas party you want to give.

Think for example of Christmas acts booking as a Christmas DJ, Christmas band, classical musician or Christmas soloist and Christmas duos.

What can Evenses do for you?

Evenses can help you in the Christmas period with your Christmas party, Christmas business party, Christmas entertainment and assist you in booking Christmas acts. We are available for you 24/7 to make sure your Christmas party or corporate Christmas party is absolutely perfect with the best Christmas entertainment. Ask for a free quote or contact our staff.

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.