The 90's Party

Are you not normally into throwing parties, but your thirtieth birthday is coming up and you want to organise something fun for family and friends this year? Is it your son or daughter's birthday in a few months' time and are you thinking about surprising them with a 90's party? Or is it perhaps that you have arranged something with the group of friends and you think it would be a good time to make it a 90s themed party? Whatever the occasion and reasons you're having a party, have you ever thought about booking a party with the theme of the 90s?

You don't have to be alone when planning a party or event. Certainly if it is the first time that you are organising a party, then you will surely have to deal with a lot of preparations and tasks at the same time. By booking a party with the themes of the 90's, you can leave most of these arrangements for entertainment to an experienced party planner such as Evenses. This will give you more time for the tasks that you have to do yourself.

Are you looking forward to the 90's party that you are going to organise, but are you a bit disappointed with all the planning and preparation? No problem, because we can ensure that the party in question will turn out exactly the way you want. For this to work, we need to hear from you as much as possible about what kind of party you want to have and how you want to dress up the occasion. We always start from your ideas and your input, after all, it is and will be your party.

Is planning and preparing for the party almost as much fun as the 90's party itself and you'd like to keep a tight grip on the preparations during the process? That is also not a problem for us, because we can help with just a small part of the event. For example, you can safely leave us searching for suitable locations or arranging a few options regarding live music. That way you have more time for other tasks. We can also be of service during the party itself, for example by hiring some additional staff or having the bar staffed by professionals. This way you don't have to work during the party and you can also enjoy what you have put together.

As a result of the variation that a 90's theme can have in regards to entertainment, it can sometimes be difficult to know which options and acts would best suit your party or event. For that reason, it is useful to work with a party who has experience in the field of such bookings such as Evenses. Not only do we have a wide portfolio of options, services, and live acts for 90's parties, but we have also booked these for countless of clients over the years for a variety of occasions. We are happy to make that expertise available so that you can book the perfect event with a 90s theme.

Whatever type of entertainment you are looking for, at Evenses we are happy to help you find the ideal choice for your 90's party. To start, you can take a look at our website. With the help of the search engine you can scroll through the various options and acts in our portfolio by filtering the type of party and the budget you want to consider. In addition, you will also find a large number of reviews from people who have already booked the acts and services in question. This can begin to help you on your way when it comes to booking a 90's party. Furthermore, our bookers and event specialists are available seven days a week, both via the quotation form on our website and by e-mail and telephone.

Some inspiration for an authentic 90's party

From renting movies at the local video store, denim jackets, and Sex and the City, the 90s' of the last century are also characterized by some unique fashion trends, iconic inventions, and world famous pop culture apparitions. The 90s were an experimental period after the decadent eighties and the last decade before the definitive mainstream breakthrough of the internet at the beginning of the 21st century. Regarding theme parties, the 90s can be a huge source of inspiration and for that reason we will list some suggestions for your 90's party.

Barbie Girl, Gettin' Jiggy With It, House of Pain, etc ...

The music of the 90s might be the most profound for the decade. The 90s were full of boy bands, grunge, catchy summer hits, and so much more. From Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys to Nirvana and S Club 7, you can be sure that you can easily fill a playlist with songs that your guests will automatically start singing along with. If you want to keep it completely authentic musically, you can choose to avoid laptops and mp3s and instead make a mixtape or play music off a boombox.

The 90's as a pop culture paradise

If you start to think about it, you will be surprised how many top films, world-famous TV series, and iconic games originate in the 90s. Just think of films such as Titanic, Fight Club, and Pretty Woman. Series such as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Full House, and Hey Arnold! were also born and entrenched in 90s culture. However, the 90s were also the period of the Tamagotchis, the Gameboys, and the Furbies, which can all be included as props for a true blue 90's themed party.

No 90's party without a 90's dress code

One of the easiest ways to provide your party or event with a generous portion of 90's nostalgia is to prepare a dress code for the occasion. In addition to the recognizable Reebok Pumps, Baby G watches, and backwards baseball caps, you can also ask your guests to dress as a 90s star, such as Gwen Stefani, Kurt Cobain, or Destiny's Child. Before you know it, everyone will feel like they are back in the 90s and have an enourmous amount of fun.

What Evenses can do for you

Certainly for people who have never booked a 90's party before, such a booking can seem a bit complicated. Even though this is generally not the case, it is still smart to call in the help of a company that has experience with such bookings in the UK.

At Evenses, we've made countless bookings of events with a 90's theme for a wide variety of occasions in recent years, and we are happy to use that experience to help you find and book the options and live acts that perfectly match your 90's party. You can contact one of our event specialists 7 days a week by submitting a request form on the website, by email, or by ringing us on the telephone!

Do you want your party to succeed?

Whatever your event or celebration, we are here to make your special day a truly memorable one.