9 tips for a smashing Sixties party

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Back to the 60s, who wouldn’t want that? The 60s were the time of the hippies, "Make love, not war", The Beatles and Woodstock. The 60s were the carefree and colourful years. It would be a good starting point to a potential great party utilising the 60s theme. Taste the atmosphere, experience the music and moments from the good old days. Theme parties are totally hip these days. Pour your company anniversary, birthday or association in the sixties style. Because a theme party in the style of the sixties is incredibly fun to organize. You can let your creativity run free. Outfits and clothing, you can't imagine it that bad. Everything can be taken out of the closet to ensure that your sixties party is a huge success. Be inspired by fashion, films and of course the music from the 60s. Of course, keep in mind that the party matches the guests, association or company.

Sixties location

Do you want your sixties party at an original location? Inside or outside, at home, in a gym or the canteen of a company. Maybe you’re going to unpack completely and opt for more originality. Rent a nice, inspiring and special location. How much budget do you have at your disposal? The latter can sometimes be a problem, because the coolest party rooms are of course the most expensive. A location that nobody thinks about? Which is really unique? Take a look around you in the city or town where you work or live. There must be some buildings left empty. Rent such a vacant building such as a store or shed. Or enter the park. Of course you can also transform the parking space at your company into a sixties location. Always check the municipality if you can organise a party there. Once the perfect location is found, you can get your organisation skills up and the real work begins.

Invitations in sixties style

A party with which you will unpack is not possible without the invitations. The invitations already indicate that it is a theme party. Use bright colors such as yellow, red, lime green, bright blue or orange. You can also use large letters and of course do not forget the peace signs, smileys and brightly colored flowers. Just like with every theme party, you state on your invitation what the dress code is. In other words, ask if your guests want to dress in style. You can still make a giveaway of it: those who dress the most original will receive a nice souvenir or something similar. Make sure you are on time with the invitations (about 6 weeks in advance) because you work with a specific "back to the sixties" theme and this way your guests will be informed in time. In this way they have plenty of time to think about clothing and costumes. The creative minds will certainly open all the stops.

The atmosphere at your sixties party

In the 1960s there weren’t certain things such as lighting at a party. However, there were mirror balls or confetti was used. Bright colours, large bunches of flowers and coloured lights. Do you want to be completely original during your sixties party? Then arrange an old slide projector with a triangular mirror in front, maybe along with an LED dance floor LED lights. Depending on the type of party and whether there are tribute bands performing, maybe there is an option for colourful stage lighting. This way you can make old slides move along the walls. Did you know that the first colour TVs appeared in the 1960s? How cool is it when you can tap one on the head for decoration? You can also think of dream catchers, lava lamps, peace signs, pop art and as mentioned previously an LED dance floor. Pop art was extremely popular in the 60s. Posters from the Beatles, Rolling Stones or Jimi Hendrix. Find beautiful pictures of these stars and hang them up. Batik fabrics also belong to the atmosphere of the sixties and are also a perfect decoration for walls. After all that dancing it is sometimes nice to just sit down. Do you also want to make a place where your guests can sit? Make a corner with bean bags. Not to drag in the 60s. Your guests can literally plop down in the coloured bean bags. Just take a break and recharge for the next round of disco dancing.

Sixties clothing is part of it

The fashion in the sixties was diverse and colourful. You can finally enjoy yourself again with the hot pants and mini skirt. Dress like a hippie with bright, flared trousers or opt for the wide leg jeans and maxi dress. Slippers, flower power shirts and pink sunglasses complete your outfit. In short, colourful clothes with flowers always do well. Style icons in the sixties were Jackie Kennedy, Mary Quant, Brigitte Bardot, Diana Ross and Audrey Hepburn. Supermodel Twiggy showed her fine legs in a miniskirt. Gentlemen can be inspired by the style of the then immensely popular band the Beatles.

Sixties music

The music from the 60s has different styles. From Aretha Franklin to Elvis, from The Monkees to The Beatles. And not to forget: Bob Dylan! But also the famous Dutch bands such as The Blue Diamonds, Rob de Nijs or Shocking Blue. Do you want to complete your party? Rent a tribute tire for example Back to Woodstock. This band takes you all the way to the sixties and sings all the songs from 1969. They play songs from The Who and Hendrix. Or Sixty Pound, the band consists of four boys with a preference for Rock 'n Roll music and plays everything from the' 60s. Back to the Sixties, takes you back to the time of flower power. Only when the singer starts to sing do you really think you were in the 60s. So don't forget to arrange a good tribute band at your sixties party.

Snacks for your sixties party

Eating and drinking was easy in the 60s. The fondue pans really belonged at that time. When you have space and place you can place it in a separate corner. You don't really have to unpack with meat, but a cheese fondue or chocolate fondue (although we don't know if the latter was already there in the 60s) is perfect. After all, most hippies were vegetarian in the 60s. Renting a food truck could be of great value in this scenario. They also served cheese cubes (on a skewer!) With a pickle or silver onions at parties. The slices of (liver) sausage and nuts were also popular. Bitterballen! Don't forget this. A large bowl of bitterballen with mustard was at almost every party. Mini hamburgers are also doing well, because the first McDonalds opened its doors in America. Last but not least, stuffed eggs, a major hit in the 60s. If you only find a slice of sausage and a bit of cheese a bit scanty, then you can unwind with a tasty barbecue or buffet. An option could be to hire a food truck. Good food and drinks at a party is never a punishment.

Drinks for your sixties party

Soft drinks were very popular in the 1960s. The more famous brands such as coca-cola, fanta and sprite in a glass bottle. Do you want to go for some luxury and make great cocktails. Do you know the Emma Peel cocktail? Emma Peel is a character from "De Wrekers". "The Avengers" is a British series that came on TV in the late 1960s. You can make this cocktail in the following way: You need ¼ part cherry-fired wine on 1-part pineapple juice, do this with ice cubes in a shaker. Pour it into a large glass and add a splash of champagne. Finish with a cherry and enjoy your Emma Peel cocktail!

A reminder for your guests, a photo booth

What is now typical 60s. What makes the hippie and carefree feeling really complete? Exactly, the Volkswagen van. In the 60s and 70s, the hippies flocked to these vans. The Woodstock music festival in 1969 was full of it. Handy, because at least you could view everything well from the roof. You can make your sixties party complete and bring your guests even more to the 60s by renting a photo booth. A photo booth is a fun, extra option for your event or staff party. This is a luxury variant of a photo booth. With a photo booth you can give your guests a nice memento of the party in the form of a photo. The Photobuzz fits in perfectly with the theme. This is a Volkswagen van transformed into a photo booth. The Volkswagen van fits perfectly in the sixties theme and with the different attributes funny pictures can be made.

Organize sixties games

Are games boring? No, not at all and very nice at your party! Pour them in the style of your sixties party and your guests will certainly enjoy. Below we’ll list 5 games for you suitable for this type of party:

Snippets guess. Get short excerpts from songs created in the 60s. Who can guess the most fragments? You can play it in groups, but individual is of course also an option.

Done guessing the excerpts you can bring out the karaoke set. Sing along with the music from the 60s. Guaranteed success. The sixties feeling will definitely come up again with your guests. This is a good idea for when the party is at a later stage.

Play Twister! Twister was "born" in the 60s

Have your guests go home at the end of the evening with a beaded necklace. The so-called love beads. These were home-made in the 1960s and were extremely popular. Prepare a table with beads and thread and your guests can make a love bead themselves.

Make friendship bracelets. Totally hip in the 60s and everyone did it, the brightly coloured bracelets. You can look on the Internet for patterns. Prepare a table with brightly coloured wool and cotton. It is perhaps an idea that there is someone who is handy in the tie of friendship bracelets.

In short, there should be more than enough ideas, inspiration to organize a great party. Influences of the 60s still remain present in today’s society. Just look at the bands of today, they are increasingly inspired by bands from the sixties, for example the Beatles. What about fashion? More and more of fashion comes back from the 60s. So you are completely in style when you organize a sixties party. With these 9 tips we hope to have given you a handle on inspiration and ideas. In this way you can enjoy an unforgettable sixties party with colleagues, friends, family and guests. There will certainly be long discussions afterwards about how cool the party was.

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