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Is one of your friend's birthday coming up and you are thinking about organizing a retro-themed party for the occasion? Were you and your spouse married in the 1980s, and you are keen on giving a party with a touch of nostalgia for family and friends for your Anniversary party? Or are you perhaps just a big fan of everything that has to do with the 80's and would you like to do relive the era in the form of a party? Regardless of the occasion and the reason for your party, booking a party with the an 80's theme can be a staple to an incredible party. Read more


Now it is possible that you are asking yourself what we mean exactly by booking an 80's party. Certainly if you have never organized a party or event yourself, this may sound a bit vague. When we talk about booking an 80's party, we actually refer to the entertainment options that we can offer to fit the 80's vibe. There is a large amount of options out there on the market that can be entertaining for an 80's theme and it's our pleasure to help you navigate these.


Since no customer and event is exactly the same, Evenses' help can take many different forms. For example, we have often collaborated with customers who all had good ideas for the event they wanted to organize, but did not really factor in all the preparations that had to be made. In these cases, everything in terms of preparations for booking the location, arranging a caterer, or organising a party band, can be left to us. The only thing we need to start are your input and your wishes. After all, it is and will still be your party.


We have many customers who see the preparation of an event that they are going to organize as a kind of anticipation. However, that does not mean that Evenses cannot be of added value to them. There will always be tasks that you are better off leaving to professionals or ones you simply do not have enough time for. From choosing a caterer, contracting additional staff, from making a selection of party locations, to negotiating with the DJ, we can take the tasks off your hands and give you peace of mind. That way you have more time for tasks that you cannot or will not give up.


Booking an 80's theme for your party or event is not necessarily difficult, but given the varied range of options in the UK, it is advisable to seek the help of a party with experience in the field of such bookings. At Evenses, we have an extensive range of options and acts that we have already booked for countless 80's parties and events. We are happy to make that expertise and experience available so that you can book the perfect 80s themed party for any occasion.


You can reach our event specialists seven days a week via the request form on our website, by e-mail, or telephone. If you first want to explore the options yourself, you can use the search engine on our website to take a look at all the available options regarding the 80's. In addition, for some inspiration we will take a look at the entertainment of the 80's, also known as the Decade of Decadence.


Entertainment at the Decade of Decadence


In both the West and the rest of the world, the 1980s saw a major shift in social life. This shifted from a more conservative standard of living in which the more extravagant influences of the 60s and 70s were clearly visible to an era of hedonism and mass consumption. It is no coincidence that several prominent economists summarise the "everything is possible, everything is allowed" attitude of the 80s into five words: "Get rich, borrow, spend, enjoy " For that reason, the 80's are sometimes called the Decade of Greed.


This general mindset naturally emerged in the entertainment of that time. Among other things, the concept of the music video was born in the 80's, causing pop music to undergo an enormous transformation. Artists such as Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Duran Duran, became world famous for their revolutionary clips. In the cinematic field, the careers of many film stars were also launched in the 1980s, including Nicolas Cage, Patrick Swayze, and Demi Moore. Think of cult films such as Dirty Dancing, St. Elmo's Fire, and Footloose. On television, series such as The A-Team, The Dukes of Hazzard, and Cheers were given the status of mega hits of the 1980s.


The 80s were also the age of the arcades and the first, real video games. If you have seen the series Stranger Things (2016), then you immediately know what we are talking about. The reason that we also want to include the video games is that they form an inexhaustible source of inspiration for parties and events with the theme of the 80s. World-famous games such as Super Mario Bros, Pac-Man, and Tetris all came out in the 1980s and are still popular today in one form or another.


In a similar way, the very recognizable fashion from the 80's is also a good source of inspiration for an authentic 80's party. After all, what is a striking theme party without a suitable dress code? In terms of hair styles, the eighties were dominated by more pronounced hairstyles, including the perm, the mat, and the so-called big hair, the voluminous hairstyle that was, among others, worn by stars such as Dolly Parton, the men of Mötley Crüe, and Madonna. That is also a perfect excuse for your guests to immerse themselves in all kinds of over-the-top wigs.


In terms of clothing and accessories trends, the 80's were characterized by, among other things, shoulder pads, denim jackets, and leg warmers, while the world-famous sunglasses brand Ray-Ban came up during this period with the Aviators, made popular with the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise, and the Wayfarer, which were frequently seen in films such as Risky Business and series such as Miami Vice. In other words, for putting together an original, crazy dress code for the party or event that you are going to organize, you are in the right place with the 80's theme.


If you decide to book a 80s themed party, we will be happy to help you dress up the event to add a touch of real nostalgia. This way we can book a professional tribute band for you that brings a varied set list with 80's hits, but we are also happy to help you find the latest decorative details to give your party the finishing touch. It mainly depends on what you have in mind for the occasion, because when booking an 80's party your input is key. What we offer is the opportunity to get some help in making your wishes and ideas a reality.


What Evenses can do for you


Booking an 80's themed party doesn't have to be difficult, especially not if you already know more or less what kind of event you are going to organise. So it is certainly useful to have a reasonably clear idea of ​​that, at least for yourself, before you start searching and booking an 80's theme. Not all options and acts will suit the type of party or event that you are organising.

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